Our STATS management tool is just one more way we make sure our customers receive prompt, high-quality customer service.

Asset and Incident Management

Strategic Ticketing and Asset Tracking System (STATS) is our proprietary tool that allows us to record and track the progression of our projects and the location of our assets. Every call, every shipment, every incident, and every request is logged and categorized. Tickets created in STATS are usually service requests but can be anything from projects to problems. These tickets are displayed along with the client’s profile. This way, a STATS user can easily see what work is in progress for a client and which assets are at the client’s location.

All agents follow documented and approved procedures to ensure consistent results and to enable rapid escalation of incidents.  Agents see ONE STEP at a time but the behind-the-scenes engine contains the power.

How does our STATS tool benefit you?

In addition to ticketing and tracking, STATS houses our extensive information library or HELP pages. The use of this database ensures consistent digital troubleshooting and asset recording from our staff. STATS information is constantly updated to ensure nothing is overlooked and our clients receive up-to-date information.

Statsimage | SSI TechHow does it work?

  • Tracks the nature of your concerns and identifies recurrent issues, then creates new Help Pages to provide all agents with immediate responses to those frequently-asked questions
  • Tracks the warranty replacement schedule and enforces the timely installation of equipment due for replacement
  • Maintains a database of all calls for future reference
  • Ensures follow-up on any concerns not resolved during the initial call

We believe in our tracking and ticketing method because we’ve seen it create a high level of trust with our clients. By implementing STATS, we not only improve our communication and delivery of services, but we also elevate our quality assurance.

See how our ticketing system ensures an easy, quick process for all your IT concerns.

Comprehensive Customer Service

At SSI, we are dedicated to professional, timely customer service. We understand that IT issues can be frustrating and cause unnecessary downtime. That’s why we implemented our STATS system — we want our customers to know that we are fully invested in addressing their concerns. And you will always reach a person on the other line when you call — never an automated system.

To see how our customer service and help desk staff can create a painless process for your IT needs, call us today. Our team is always friendly, professional, and eager to find solutions to your challenging IT issues. Find out which services are right for your business’s unique needs.