Working with SSI will bring you the peace of mind you deserve by keeping your data safe.

Industry Specific Security

Whether you work in healthcare, retail, or banking, you have gathered a lot of sensitive information from your customers. With many nefarious groups searching for a weak link, your network security needs to be examined carefully for ultimate protection. There are many different ways to protect your data, customers, and company. Our network security engineers use a multi-layered design to protect your entire network. Whether there is an external attack or an internal leak, we are alerted and can rectify the problem. Working with SSI will bring you the peace of mind you deserve by keeping your data safe.

By 2021, cyber crime damage will cost $6 trillion annually to businesses.

Network Security and Unified Threat Management (UTM) Includes:

  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention – Sometimes referred to as an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), this is a network security or threat technology that monitors network traffic and prevents negative action from happening. Usually implemented by hackers, an application is used to interrupt and then get control of certain machines. Once a hacker has infiltrated a machine, he can access any information from that machine. This system will send us an alarm if the layer is breached, giving us immediate notification to block the intruder.
  • Web Content Filtering – Some websites are developed to ensnare the unsuspecting. By monitoring the websites your team visits, we can block and eliminate those that have malicious viruses attached to them. Infected websites, while usually entered accidentally, can contaminate specific machines and move to the entire network. By using this specific network security tool, we ensure that sites with negative aspects, won’t be accessible.

Unified Threat Management gives your business intrusion detection and prevention so you will know immediately if your network is breached.

  • Data Leak Prevention – Many times data is leaked accidentally but sometimes, unfortunately, it is leaked intentionally. The sensitive and confidential information your company houses in your servers needs to be guarded at all times. When a lot of data is sent or deleted, we will be notified that files are being distributed to unapproved computers.
  • VPN Access – Working from different locations is a great way to increase employee productivity. When the access to your company files increases, so does the opportunity for a security breach. By using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, your team has access to company files while keeping all data encrypted.
  • Monthly Reporting – Our monthly reporting tool helps you see how your network is being used. Using this report, we can help you develop a network security firewall that will continue to keep your company safe. While many companies give out reports, we will explain what it means and how to improve your security threats.