How do you monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? You call SSI!

Every company can benefit from 24×7 monitoring of their IT infrastructure. We understand how important your IT is to the success of your business and will be an addition to your company with full system monitoring. When you can’t be there 24/7, we can! IT system monitoring, especially vigilant and constant, can be an asset to your business.

Hiring an internal employee for 24×7 network monitoring could cost you upwards of $75,000 a year OR you could call us!

Spot Issues Immediately

With your infrastructure being monitored around the clock, if something happens that could be detrimental to your IT, we are ready to handle it. Many companies have internal technicians but unfortunately, they can’t be there to monitor your IT all day. Whether we are your MSP or an addition to your team, we will be able to work proactively should any problems arise. The quick response will keep your system from major problems and downtime.

Improved Security

The security of your files is essential to your business. While you aren’t in the office, someone will be able to monitor the state of your security from a remote location. Firewalls and anti-virus solutions are a great step to stopping issues but they need backup. With additional eyes on your security, if a virus were to bypass your initial stopgaps, we will implement the proper solutions to keep you safe.

Get improved security, more efficiency, and the ability to spot issues before they turn detrimental with help from SSI’s 24/7 monitoring option.

Early Warning for Capacity

When you have large files and are a continuously growing company, a full server could mean downtime for your team. As someone is watching your infrastructure, we will be notified if your backup has reached close to capacity. We can take the necessary steps to identify what the best options are for your business. Giving you plenty of time to make a decision as to how you will address this issue is an additional benefit to having a monitoring system.

Better Efficiency

When problems are addressed immediately your team isn’t waiting for someone to fix the issues later during business hours. Downtime causes reduced employee productivity, missed sales opportunities, and lost revenue. Many companies have found that downtime can result in up to 15% of capital loss! When we are monitoring 24×7, your computer network will be ready when you are.