After we have programmed and tested your application, the final step is to implement the plan.

Full Circle Management System

At SSI, we have steps to ensure the implementation of your application goes smoothly. This process involves 7 steps that allow us to mitigate application errors, monitor all risks, and continually manage your application.

Migrate Source Code

The first step in our Application Deployment process is migrating the source code into your personal source code management tool. This allows us to gain better tracking, visibility, collaboration, and control throughout the release lifecycle. It also helps us protect source files from corruption.

Application Pilot Release

The pilot release step in our application deployment process allows us to effectively test and identify any changes that need to be made. This is crucial to ensure that the deployment of your application is smooth. This step involves:

  • Creating a test-build to ensure we can build a viable product
  • Identifying low-risk/low-complexity changes to the pilot
  • Perform programming, testing, and deployment to confirm the end-to-end process

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Put All Requests Into Agile Backlog

Creating an Agile Backlog allows us to create a list of features or technical tasks which our team maintains and at a given moment, are known to be necessary and sufficient to complete a project or a release.

Create Sprint Team and Start Sprint

In this step, we assign programming, testing, and delivery tasks to Consultant resources where appropriate.

Manage and Monitor Work Related to the Application

At this point in the application development process, we constantly monitor the work related to the application to understand what needs to be adjusted. We can also get an accurate estimate of additional allocations needed.

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Track Current Work, Risks, and Issues

The final step in our application deployment process is an ongoing process that involves monitoring work, identifying risks, and creative solutions to issues. This ongoing application deployment step ensures that your application is running at an optimal level throughout its lifecycle.

Our Application Management process has been tested and proven to ensure you get the best application from peacemaking and testing to deployment. Contact SSI today to get started with developing your company’s custom application.