From procurement through disposal, SSI provides full IT systems and asset management services so your organization can focus on YOUR Business.

Fullcircleassetmanagement | SSI TechAsset Lifecycle Management for Your Business

The practice of managing the entire asset lifecycle (procuring, configuring, installing, supporting, repairing, removing/replacing, and securing/recycling) of assets. Assets are added to the STATS Asset Database by serial number and are tracked throughout the lifecycle. Reports regarding asset status, shipment details, and warranty information are available.

At SSI, we know you have other things to worry about other than your system. Our process ensures that your business stays on top of it’s game and that your system is always running at the highest efficiency.

Your system is crucial to your company’s profitability—that’s why SSI protects your system to ensure it’s always running that the highest level

What is Included with SSI’s Full Circle Asset Management?

Includes asset management, warranty fulfillment, advanced shipment on Customer account, hardware repair of warranty items reimbursed by manufacturer, and hardware staging services for Point of Sale and networking hardware.