When was the last time you checked the security of your network with a vulnerability assessment?

Unified Security Management System

No business is ever fully safe from hackers. They find new ways to break into systems, steal data, and evolve their threats to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. With so many security threats how do you keep up? You turn to your trusted experts at SSI! Our unified security management system (USM), AlertShield, is powered by AlienVault. By focusing on the essential security capabilities, we deliver complete unified security.

Out of all the businesses that we devastated by cyber-attacks last year, 52% aren’t making any changes to their security process.

Unified Threat Management from SSI Includes:

  • Behavior Monitoring – Once installed, data begins to collect to understand what your normal system and network activity looks like. This data gives us insight to how you are utilizing your network. If there is a change in usage, you are automatically alerted to a change of operation issues or potential security incident. The network behavior analysis allows you to have an eye on your business and understand how your systems are being used.
  • Intrusion Detection – Many businesses don’t know when they have a security threat. With unified threat management, the second a threat emerges, you are alerted so we can help you take the correct steps to combat the threat. Public cloud environments are monitored so even if you are outside of your office, you will continue to be protected.
  • Asset Discovery – Finding and providing visibility into the assets of your environment will help you see all of the devices that are being used on your network. Understanding which assets are susceptible to threats will help you take the necessary steps to keep them monitored against security threats.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Understanding your valuable security information takes time and is often expensive. Our SIEM software allows centralized security monitoring of your total network including the Cloud. The continuous data collection tracks developing threats and continuously updates your USM with the latest security intelligence.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Finding where your network is weak in security allows us to take corrective actions before hackers find their way in. Since vulnerabilities continuously emerge, it is imperative that your business is always monitored for vulnerabilities to your network.

Advanced SIEM from SSI will give you complete security against hackers and other security threats.

Complete security against hackers is something every business strives for. With our Advanced SIEM solution you are closer to network safety than ever before. With help from SSI, your business can be protected against threats and continue to run smoothly. Contact SSI today to see how Advanced SIEM can protect your important assets for your business.