Our managed application services can help you maintain, integrate, and improve application performance so you can focus on building business value.


Application management is the process of managing the administration, monitoring, pro-active maintenance, and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. Services include strategies to optimize an application’s operations, performance, and efficiency. In today’s ever-changing IT world, organizations face pressure to keep up with innovative technologies and onboard new applications regularly. SSI provides application management services that are adaptable and aligned with your business’s goals.

Some of the features of our application management solutions include the following:

  • Upgrades/Continous Innovation — receive optimal value from your software investments
  • Solution Adoption — maximize ROI on IT expenses
  • Resource Alignment —  improve productivity and operational efficiency
  • Cost Analysis — customize solutions for better financial predictability


Legacy software is outdated software that includes those that have been —

  • replaced by newer versions
  • designed by developers who no longer maintain them
  • revised or patched to the point of incompatibility with current standard versions

Many companies discover that their legacy applications are too inefficient and expensive to keep running. Additionally, the older an application becomes, the more difficult it is for an organization to find support services. We can help. Our application management specialists can determine which tools will best modernize or migrate your legacy data; We can tailor solutions that help your organization optimize data integration and advance the efficiency of your critical systems.


SSI’s application experts are here to help you meet both your IT and business objectives. We understand how critical applications are to running your everyday operations. At the same time, these applications have grown in complexity and require constant attention. SSI creates cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate your application management needs. We provide scalable solutions that promote flexibility so your organization can quickly respond to change. Offering end-to-end support of your critical applications, we are your one-stop-shop for application management services.

Find out how our services can help improve your IT processes and save you time and money. Call now to speak to one of our service management specialists!