Our Helpdesk Onboarding process ensures that we understand your business and can put steps in place to figure out solutions to your IT issues.

Helpdesk Onboarding at SSI

Our onboarding process helps capture knowledge that is held by your Team and consists of a five step process that allows us to work with your people to identify top summaries and build the resolution steps for our Helpdesk to use. These helpdesk onboarding steps include:

Onboardingprocess2 | SSI Tech


  • Understand and Identify Our Customer’s Environment
  • Document Top Incidents & Prepare to Support Them
  • Train Our Staff and Begin Routing Client Phone Numbers to SSI
  • Evaluate by Having Daily Project Team Review of Calls
  • Adjust Our Approach Based on Reporting and Metrics


Below are the details within each step of our Helpdesk onboarding process.

We work with your people to identify top summaries and build the resolutions steps for our Helpdesk to use.

STEP 1: Understand Customer Environment

  • Meet with Internal IT to obtain overview of existing infrastructure and applications
  • Obtain network map
  • Obtain Business Line Application Details / escalation points
  • Identify Escalation paths for different incident types
  • Create default Help Page that captures what they are calling about so we can quantify ticket categories upon go live


STEP 2: Capture top Incidents & Prepare to Support Them

  • Review / analyze past call history/ticket data (if exists)
  • Identify top 10 incidents
  • Work with Customer SMEs to document the resolution procedure for the top 10 incidents
  • Configure SSI Help pages for agents to use the documented resolution steps
  • Onsite review of actual inbound calls to validate that we have the right procedures documented.
  • Train SSI Helpdesk on resolution


STEP 3: Route Client Phone Numbers to SSI – SSI Starts Handling All Inbound Calls

  • SSI handles all calls and captures ticket volume by category so Help Pages can be created to resolve the highest volume calls.
  • SSI resolves incidents following documented procedures. Other incidents are escalated to Client Helpdesk.
  • Escalate tickets that don’t have a resolution procedure

Efficient and Effective Helpdesk Onboarding to Ensure Your Business is Set Up Properly.

STEP 4: Daily Project Team Review of Calls

  • Review closed tickets to confirm procedures were correct
  • Review escalated incidents:
  • Identify any that should be handled by SSI
  • Provide visibility of cycle time for escalated incidents

STEP 5: Reporting / Metrics

  • Number of inbound calls
  • Percentage of First Call Resolution
  • MTTR – SSI-resolved tickets
  • Percentage of help procedure used
  • Percentage of calls direct to agent (no hold)
  • Average hold time
  • Percentage Abandoned
  • Incident Summary – Top Calls by Summary
  • Percentage of escalated calls
  • MTTR – Escalated tickets