After Application Management, we will move into the Testing phase which allows us to ensure your application is perfect for your business.

Protect Against Vulnerability

Application Testing is an essential part of the Application Management process because it ensures that our application is working correctly within your system. At SSI, we have strict testing that looks into multiple areas including code, updating, automation, and server testing. The following are testing scenarios used at SSI.

Application Release Testing

  • Each major release will contain minor code releases.
  • Each minor code release will include one test cycle.  A test cycle is defined as a regression test, system test, and user acceptance test of specified scenarios with a pass/fail for each scenario.
  • Failed releases will be returned to developer with details of all failed scenarios.  Once the defects have been corrected by the developer, the minor code release will be returned to SSI for re-testing.

Pre-defined Regression Testing

A pre-defined procedure is a “standard change” that includes all approvals and steps needed to update existing data on a server.  Pre-defined are repeatable updates that include approval, packaging, testing, pilot, and full rollout and are primarily focused on data updates and routing patching activities

Why Application Testing is Important: Without testing your applications properly, your business can be vulnerable to security issues and cause your business more harm than good.

Automated Testing

  • Provide licensing for SSI use for the automated test execution software for software and custom programs.
  • Modify test scripts as necessary to continue to perform expected function.

Test Lab/Test Server Management

  • We create & maintain server instances or VM machines.
  • We maintain full test stations with actual hardware and peripherals for testing of all peripherals.

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