Remotely upgrading 2,000 servers to Windows Server 2012 from Server 2003

Project Objective:

Converted servers at 2,000 retail locations from Server 2003 to Server 2012 hardened to Microsoft Hardening Best Practice.


  1. Designed OS Group Policy settings based on client environment, software, and Microsoft Best Practice
  2. Created Domain Group Policy to harden the systems
  3. Create automated programs to automate the HOST and GUEST install and configuration of all required programs and services:
    1. Install and configure HOST server from OS payload on USB drive
    2. Create guest, install and configure Server 2012 Guest
    3. Join servers to domain and apply group policy
    4. Install all required programs from network shares
  4. Worked with onsite Technician to connect server, then remotely perform the conversion (old server data migrates to new Server 2012).