170 cyber attacks are reported every hour. How are you protecting your enterprise?

Why should you invest in endpoint protection?

According to the “2016 Cost of Data Breach Study,” the average cost per record stolen averaged $220 in the United States. Given the staggering statistics of attempted data breaches, companies today must closely evaluate and invest in endpoint security solutions.

Endpoint security systems identify and manage computing technologies that request access to the corporate network. These devices are often referred to as end-user devices and include items such as laptops, desktop PC’s, smartphones, and tablets.

We can design a security solution that will protect your assets and maximize profits.

Industry Experts With Custom Design

The fines and penalties imposed on a corporation that is considered in violation can quickly escalate into the millions. You need an IT expert who can not only keep your system safe from cyber attacks but also keep you in compliance with the ever-changing industry regulations. When you partner with SSI, you get both — a comprehensive security solution from industry experts.

What’s your endpoint security worth?

How can SSI protect your enterprise?

Our turn-key IT solutions go beyond the standard security updates and software patches. With our around-the-clock security monitoring, we have you covered day and night. If there is any suspicious activity, we have the capabilities to shut it down immediately. We invite you to explore the other security services you receive with our managed endpoint security protection:

  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing: We assess your network’s areas of weakness and provide guidance on risk management.
  • Employee Security Training: We train your staff on how to mitigate cyber security threats and how to reduce overall risk.
  • Windows/OS Patching: We test your systems to identify any issues before phasing in Microsoft security updates.
  • Anti-Virus Updates: We utilize software that provides continuous monitoring of anti-virus and intrusion detection.
  • 3rd-Party Patching: We ensure security updates for over 30 desktop applications including Adobe Reader, Java, Flash, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Monthly Reporting: We perform continuous system check-ups and provide a scorecard that highlights your system’s security level.

Let SSI find a cost-effective solution that will safeguard your enterprise. Don’t risk a catastrophic attack on your critical data and systems. Our technicians are happy to create a customized solution for your unique business needs. Call us today to speak with one of our security experts and learn more about our suite of managed endpoint services