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Founded as a single drugstore in 1927, Pharmacare Hawaii has grown to 9 pharmacy locations plus a corporate headquarters providing long-term care pharmaceuticals and home infusion healthcare.


Providing responsive IT support while Internal IT Team worked to improve security and comply with PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Project Objective:

The objective of the project was to assume Tier 1 Helpdesk support from Internal IT Staff in order to:

  • Free up Internal IT to focus on higher-level IT Tasks and projects
  • Provide better coverage / more responsive support through expanded support hours and weekends
  • Enable continuous operational improvement through incident and problem management


  1. Outsource Tier 1 Helpdesk to SSI
  2. Outsource Security Operations and SIEM to SSI in order to satisfy PCI and HIPAA requirements


  1. Support
    1. Improved Fast response for IT incidents.  We answer the phone 90% within 90 seconds, 7 days a week.
    2. Fast resolution.  We resolve 86% of the incidents on the first touch using documented incident resolution procedures.
    3. Improved security.  We leveraged our experience with other customers to ensure that industry standard processes are used for password management and password resets.
    4. Problem Identification.  Now that we are answering calls WHEN the incident is occurring and are capturing and reporting on the incident and trends, Client was able to effectively perform problem management to identify the root cause of problems that were causing incidents.
    5. Enable other initiatives by freeing up resources.  Tier 2 and other resources that were dragged into Tier 1 can now focus on other projects and responsibilities such as training, IT upgrades, and system enhancements.
  2. Security
    1. Implemented Alienvault SIEM to perform Log Correlation of all events across 11 locations
    2. Provide Security Incident response 24/7 for all security events
    3. Provide HIPAA and PCI Compliance reporting for log management