Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems Consulting firm needed assistance with device deployment and support for their remote consultant workforce.  Due to the Customer’s HIPPA requirements, SSI was a great fit due their focus on “Secure Support” which leverages their expertise with Helpdesk and Security Operations.


Quickly onboarding new employees to start work with a configured device.


  1. Transition Helpdesk Support to SSI from another Service Provider
  2. Maintain a stock of configured laptop that are ready to ship to new users
  3. Provide endpoint cybersecurity monitoring and response for End-Users
  4. Identify process improvements to further improve the speed of onboarding new Consultants and enabling them to start working with Company-provided device


    1. Onboard Customer to SSI Helpdesk
    2. Implement Endpoint Cybersecurity Solution for the 100+User population


    1. Helpdesk:
      1. Following our standard onboarding process, we developed support procedures for Customer’s line of business applications including Office365, Jungle Disk, and Microsoft Dynamics running on Windows 10 pro.
    2. Security:
      1. Implemented Endpoint Security configuration to bring all existing devices under management
      2. Integrated device security into the device configuration process to security software is automatically loaded and updated prior to shipment
      3. and provided annual HIPPA documenting showing all devices under management and up to date on security patches for OS, 3rd party, and AV signatures.
    3. Device Provisioning:
      1. We maintain a stock of pre-configured devices at our Hardware Depot
      2. Client’s HR department emails a laptop request with user specifics
      3. Our STATS ticketing system processes the emailed request and routes to the configuration Team to set up the device 7 days per week
      4. Device is shipped directly to end-user who works with our Helpdesk to finalize the setup and confirm all applications work as expected.
      5. We identified process improvements that we can achieve through migrating to Azure Active Directory and Intune that will enable faster deployments to end user requiring less configuration before shipment.


    “When we spoke in June and I said I felt we were going to get an upgrade by moving to SSI, I meant it. The past month or so has proved that statement correct. I’m very impressed with the team. Things are improving rapidly, and it has been noticed around here. Thank you all very much.” – Director of Information Technology