When was the last time you restored a backup of your data?  Organizations often assume their backups work and are devastated when they aren’t there when they need them.  We offer different levels of backup services – ranging from cloud-only to always-on HOT backups hosted at Azure.  Can we help you figure out which level is right for you?


Offsite Backup Storage

Offsite backup is essential to any company using computers today. Every piece of information that you input into your computer is susceptible to damage, loss, or hacking. To ensure your data and files stay safe, many companies opt for offsite backup storage. While it’s great to save your information to your server, there are many reasons why offsite backup is a good option for any company.

31%: The percentage of businesses attacked by a cybercrime with less than 250 employees.

Offsite Backup Benefits

Full Encryption – Moving from your business to our offsite backup server, all your files will be encrypted and stay encrypted until you need them. A full encryption means that if someone were to interfere with your data, all the information would stay secure and be unable to be read.

Location – It is important to have your data spread out from the point of origin to ensure your backup files are intact if a natural disaster, theft, or fire were to damage your building.  With a wide network of offsite backup storage, your data will be secured in an area that, while easy to access for you, is far enough away that a flood or fire won’t hamper the ability to recover files.

Restoration Options – Natural disasters, theft, and mistakes create opportunities for the loss of one server or all servers, a company has. While we always hope for the best, we prepare for the worst. Having your data backed up in a remote location is an insurance policy for your company’s data.

Save Time and Money – Manually copying files is a time-consuming task. While it secures your files in an additional place, it is also a lot more work. Our data backup can be seamless and easy as clicking a mouse. Set a schedule for your computer to back-up its files, and your data is sent to the offsite server. With large files, many companies must remove data or get more servers. With an off-site server, you save money on expensive hardware that will need to be replaced frequently.

Storing your data offsite will protect your business against property theft and natural disaster, and then allow quick restoration.

Offsite Backup is perfect for companies small and large. If you want to ensure the security of your business’ data, call us today to see what solution is right for you.