Are your Internet-enabled devices secured at each access point?

User Authorization vs. Authentication

Authorization is the process of administrator granting rights and user account permissions for access to resources which are set by a system administrator. User authentication involves the comparison of credentials to files in a database of authorized users’ information.

Why is it important to have strong machine authentication?

Organizations need to adopt a strong machine authentication process to secure each access point that is an intrusion risk. As the number of internet-enabled devices increases within organizations, a defendable authentication is vital to the security of the network. At SSI, we can customize your authentication solutions so your network infrastructure is protected — and our solutions are scalable and flexible.

Passwords have multiple points of weakness and are no longer considered a secure form of authentication. Lett SSI design the best authentication protocol for your specific needs.

Create A Defendable Authentication System

Various methods can be implemented into your current IT infrastructure to control user access and protect your proprietary data. Some of the technologies our expert technicians recommend include the following:

  • One-Time Passwords (OTP): More secure than a user-created password, OTPs usually come in the form of a token and may be used to supplement login authentication or replace it entirely.
  • Public-Key Cryptography: By using two keys that are linked together by a complex mathematical formula, this method encrypts messages between communicating machines.
  • Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA): Authentication that implements a digital certificate to identify a device or user.
  • Context-Based Access: Authentication that intelligently filters login profiles and behavioral/contextual data to determine the risk level of a transaction.

Take control of your company’s authentication for deeper security measures.

Authentication Protocols are Crucial

The risks associated with using passwords as your form of secure authentication are significant. This is because passwords are easy to guess and they are usually written down somewhere that is easily accessible. Given the magnitude of cyber security breaches that small to mid-sized companies are experiencing, organizations must look at other authentication methods to secure their critical assets. When you partner with SSI, we have access to the newest and best practices when it comes to authentication applications. Our highly-trained technicians keep up with the latest industry standards and security measures.

If you are still using single-layered solutions or other outdated authentication methods, let SSI help create a more secure protocol for your network infrastructure. Data breaches are on the rise at an alarming rate — don’t let your enterprise become a cyber attack statistic. Call SSI today and get started on building your secure, user-friendly authentication process.