If you’ve ever called the CornerStone Help Desk, chances are your call was answered immediately by a “real” person — a tech support professional with scarcely the hint of a Midwestern accent. Best of all, they either resolved your issue quickly and efficiently or, if it fell outside their domain, they referred your case to the appropriate person — probably a familiar member of the CornerStone team — who promptly followed up with you.

Quick Response

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Incident Management Process

In an office 18 miles southwest of Chicago, a dedicated team supports both CornerStone and eCSDS users and is proud of our responsiveness. Last year, in fact, the Help Desk took in nearly 122,000 phone calls, with 80% of those calls being picked up immediately by live agents. To top that off, the average hold time for the remaining 20% was less than 1 minute, 16 seconds! (When was the last time you got such speedy response from a Help Desk?) Even better, when you call the CornerStone Help Desk, you don’t have to punch through a series of automated prompts to get the help you need — or start hammering the “0” in a frustrated attempt to bypass irrelevant choices.

More than a Call Center

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A ticket created to record a caller’s usage issues. These tickets are used to track and identify problems—a history of the caller’s service desk needs.

Several agents have been a part of this team for as many as nine or ten years, and the average is almost five. With longevity comes experience you can trust. Besides taking your calls and helping to resolve your everyday usage, hardware, and technical issues, CornerStone Help Desk technicians are busy between calls:

  • Monitoring, tracking, and resolving network outages to protect you from business interruptions. The vast majority of such issues are detected and resolved before your system is even affected.
  • Testing, managing, and installing system and version upgrades.
  • Tracking the nature of your concerns and identifying recurrent issues, then creating new Help Pages to provide all agents with immediate responses to those frequently-asked questions.
  • Managing the warranty replacement schedule and providing for the timely installation of equipment due for replacement.
  • Recording, logging, and maintaining a database of all calls for future reference.
  • Managing follow-up on any concerns not resolved during the initial call.
  • Managing and reacting to daily Missing Business and C.A.R.S. reports and alerting the CornerStone team as necessary.

So… Who are you going to call?

Still, the majority of an agent’s time is spent on the phone, one-on-one with system users—answering questions and troubleshooting for solutions. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a knowledgeable, friendly, tech-savvy person to answer a question or to step you through a process… just pick up the phone! CornerStone Help is on the other end of the line.