HIPPA Compliance – Setting the standard for patients’ sensitive data security, all companies that deal with protected health information must have proper physical, network, and technological security.

Healthcare IT Provider

As a healthcare provider, you are duty-bound to keep your patients records and information safe from those that would want to use the information for their advantage. HIPAA Compliance and health information technology, is essential to being a trusted healthcare provider and SSI can help you continue to protect your patients and business. Since 2005 health institutions have been inundated with how to comply with HIPAA standards. When you have a knowledgeable healthcare IT company on your side, you can focus on the things that matter most, your patients.

Over 90% of office-based physicians use Electronic Health Records. How safe is your patients’ data?

How To Stay Safe

  • Make sure your staff takes security as seriously as you do. – Password management is important to all staff. Writing down personalized passwords is essentially handing someone else all of your information. Ensuring your staff understands how important computer security is will avoid security risks.
  • Prepare for disaster before it happens. – Working with knowledgeable healthcare IT companies will give you an upper hand. SSI understands how to keep healthcare companies’ safe through a multi-faceted security approach. Getting the help you need for your business before you have a disaster is the first step to stopping disasters from happening.
  • Have an anti-virus software and keep it up to date. – Anti-viruses are only as successful as their updated patches. Hackers workaround software that hasn’t been updated in hopes that some businesses will forget to update their security. That is where SSI can help you! We will monitor the updates for you so you are sure not to miss an update.
  • Understand encryption and why it is important. – Without the proper encryption of your files, data is available to be read by anyone that breaks into your network. Using email to simplify your billing or contact process may seem like the best route for saving time but it also opens you up to someone receiving information that should be secured. Encryption ensures this doesn’t happen by using an unbreakable code that prevents important information from leaking.
  • Consider business relationships and their security. – Working with companies that don’t take security as seriously as you could open your network to additional security concerns. When sharing information between different locations, ensure encryption and securing your network against incoming threats.

Being HIPAA compliant isn’t just signing papers, it’s keeping your patients’ electronic data secure!

Computer security is essential to clinics, hospitals, and offices when patient data is being collected. With the ever-growing network of computers in healthcare offices, the chance of a breach in privacy becomes higher. Computer data storage can be broken or damaged as well as hacked into by computers or hackers that want to exploit the information they find. To continue being HIPAA compliant and offering the assurance of safety to your patients, consider working with the experts at SSI for your healthcare IT consulting.